Performer 5 Reviews

100% organic, natural and formulated around a dual action system, the unique combination of Performer5 with Performer5 Essential Nutrients ensures that your semen production is instantly maximised from the inside out. And it was refreshing to try a supplement that takes such a thorough approach in helping consumers to overcome fertility problems, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
 Recognizing that our body’s are only able to retain small amounts of zinc, mucuna pruriens, creatine monohydrate and l-arginine – all of which are involved in the production of semen and sperm – the makers of Performer5 have used their unique Performer5 Essential Nutrient formulation to enhance these reserves. By first tackling these nutrients from the inside, they essentially make it possible to produce 500% more semen than you would naturally. It is undeniable that the makers of Performer5 have done everything within their power to dramatically improve every aspect of your sexual experience.
 Performer5 first tackles the issue of semen production from the inside – by boosting your body’s own natural nutrient reserve – before helping you to experience externally:
 • Up to 5 times more powerful & larger ejaculations
 • Mind blowing intense orgasms which last for longer
 • Rock hard, solid erections like you have never experienced before & higher sexual appetite
 • Boost your potency to levels never reached before
 • More ejaculation volume than ever before
 • Double, quadruple, even 5 times more ejaculation volume!
 • Porn star performance, every single time!
 • Improve your confidence in the bedroom, leading to more sex, more often!
 • Maximise your virility
 Performer5 certainly gets my vote for offering consumers complete support and guidance in their quest to attain larger ejaculations. Offering a dual combination system that fully harnesses your body’s own nutrients whilst enhancing their quantities, experiencing 5 times more powerful ejaculate volume, harder erections and increased stamina is possible.