Top Three Natural Tips On Increasing Sperm Motility

Is your sperm condition preventing you and your partner from conceiving? Consider the sperm motility treatment.

A lot of men may not be aware that they could be infertile. For generations, women have been left alone to suffer the problem of infertility. Myths and misconceptions about infertility have brought millions of women in generations long past into thinking that they – and they alone – were responsible for the absence of children in the family.

Well, they thought wrong.

Studies in the recent years prove that men, like women, can also suffer from infertility. There are many factors that can contribute to the infertility in men and some of these are grouped into physical, chemical and biological factors. While old age doesn’t pose much of a threat to men’s infertility, there are stronger causal factors that can take away the fertility status of men such as the unhealthy lifestyle of smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol, exposure to certain chemicals at work or in the area where you live or a biological abnormality that is preventing you from conceiving.

One of the most common causes of male infertility is a low sperm count and motility. To understand this condition better, it is important that you also get a good understanding of what a sperm count and sperm motility is.

There are a lot of men who think that counting their sperm does not hold any connection to the status of their infertility. What they miss to acknowledge is that a high percentage of cases on couples who are unable to conceive is attributed to the low count and motility of the male’s sperm.

A sperm count is referred to as the number of sperm concentration that can be counted or measured. For a healthy male, he should normally have a count of 20 million sperms for every 1 milliliter of semen. Any sperm count that is greater or equal to that is a good sign of fertility and no cause for worry. However, if your sperm count is only 10 million sperms per milliliter of semen or lower than that, then you are at a higher risk of an infertility problem.

Motility, on the other hand is also known as your sperm’s ability to move and swim swiftly towards an awaiting egg and help it become fertilized. The occurrence of sperm meeting the egg is the beginning of conception and pregnancy. Motility is considered as the sperm’s ‘quality’. Therefore, if a sperm has good motility, then it follows that is also of good quality.

Unfortunately for some men, they have poor sperm motility and this can be due to poor diet, abnormal sperm shape, the usage of certain medications and many other factors.

Fortunately though, there are several natural sperm motility increasing methods that you can do to increase your sperm motility. Some of these are:

1. One important and easy sperm motility treatment is being careful with the beverages that you drink. If you love coffee or any drink that has high caffeine content, then it’s about time that you minimize your consumption of these kinds of drink. Alcohol can also have the same effect. Caffeine and alcohol can actually reduce your chances of conceiving by 50 percent. As a kind of natural sperm motility treatment, drink water and other healthy beverages to help increase sperm motility.

2. Eating healthy foods is also an effective way to increase sperm motility. There are a lot of men out there who love to eat fast foods and other unhealthy foods. There are certain foods that can be eaten for the purpose of sperm motility treatment. Examples of these foods include nuts, vegetables, and fruits. These foods are most nutritious when eaten raw so find good ones that your taste buds can tolerate and start a habit by incorporating them into your meals. Now that’s a sperm motility treatment that you can enjoy and experiment.

3. Taking safe and natural supplements are also effective to use for sperm motility treatment. These pills are made to help increase the volume of your semen and motility as well. Other benefits that you get from these supplements are improved fertility, an increase in semen volume and improvement of your sperm motility.

A lot of men are also concerned about fertility like women. You will never know for sure unless you take an infertility test. And when you do, don’t forget to keep in mind some of the suggested sperm motility treatments above to help you solve your problem with motility and fertility for that matter.

Improve Sperm Count Effectively Through Herbal Medicines

Sperm count – An introduction

Sperm count is the measurement of the concentration of sperms in a man’s seminal liquid. This is different from total sperm production which is the sperm count multiplied with volume. A less than normal sperm count is considered a problem. It affects a man’s fertility and his ability to impregnate a woman. Low volume can affect a man’s self-esteem and reduce the pleasure derived from sexual activity.

A lot of factors are taken into account to measure the sperm count of a man such as the length of time between ejaculations, semen sample analysis, how the sample is kept when being transported to the lab. To test the count of sperms, a single sample is considered inadequate, as lot of variation is noticed in sperm production in an individual, even over a few days.

Doctors usually analyse 2-3 samples or even more, each at least two to three weeks apart to test the sperm count in a man’s seminal liquid. Anything over 20 million sperm per millilitre is considered normal and anything less is considered oligospermia (low count of sperms) and is a cause of concern.

Causes of low sperm count

Low sperm count can be caused due to number of biologic and environmental factors. Conditions that may cause low count of sperms include:

  • Stress – Especially in the case of younger men, stress due to work or personal issues can influence the balance of hormones and decrease sperm production
  • Anxiety over sexual performance – Men suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation problems are likely to have low count of sperms due to an anxiety over sexual performance
  • Heat factor – Due to overheating of genitals, a man may experience a lower count of sperms. Overweight men may especially have this problem as the sagging layers of fat can overheat the testicles. Besides jobs that require sitting for long hours may also cause the testicles to get overheated and reduce sperm count
  • Frequent intercourse – If a man ejaculates as much as 2-3 times a day, he is likely to have low count of sperms. It is recommended that a man should wait at least 3 days between each ejaculation to improve fertility
  • Substance abuse – Use of marijuana and cocaine, besides smoking and excessive alcohol intake can lead to low count of sperms

Increase sperm count – Things to follow

Listed below are some natural ways that will not only help increase count of sperms but will also improve the quality of sperms.

  • Clothes – Since overheating of testicles is one of the major reasons of low sperm count, it is recommended that men wear roomy pants, boxers and loose fitting trousers to provide enough room for mobility. Men with low sperms count should also avoid saunas, hot baths and over exposure to sun
  • Remove stress out of life – By de-stressing through relaxation and meditation, men can see a lot of improvement in their sex life and also the quality and quantity of their sperm
  • Improve work style – Sitting all day can increase the testicular temperature and damage your sperms. A good idea would be to take regular breaks and walk for a few minutes
  • Give up addictions – Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption to increase your count of sperms
  • Eat a balanced nutritious diet – Taking low fat, protein rich diet and consuming more fruits and vegetables will improve your sperm quality
  • Reduce weight – In case you are over weight, reduce weight through dieting and exercise. It will make you feel better, improve hormonal balance and increase your semen volume
  • Consult a doctor – Take advice of your doctor on how you can increase your semen volume

Volume Pills to improve sperm count

Volume Pills is unique herbal formula that has the potential to increase the amount of ejaculation by up to 500%. The highly popular medication contains ancient Chinese herbs, minerals and vitamins. It is being increasingly recommended to men who seek to improve count of sperms, increase semen volume or who simply want to enhance sexual pleasure for themselves and their partner.

Since, Volume Pills help to increase the volume of ejaculation a man can also experience stronger and longer lasting orgasm. More doctors are recommending Volume Pills to their patients who want to improve sperm volume to help their wife conceive or to those who lack sex drive and want to improve sexual performance.

Increasing Your Sperm Count

The first step to increasing sperm count is to look at what some of the causes of reduced counts are. Many times the underlying cause can eliminate any need for other measures to be taken.

Some of the most common causes for low sperm count are:

* Ensure with your physician that you do not have a sperm infection

* Tight underwear reduce counts – switch to boxers.

* Long baths in steaming hot water reduce counts.

* Sitting for too long of periods at a time reduce counts.

* Overweight can cause fat layers to form on the testicles reducing the count.

* Too frequent of ejaculations. Try having a three day separation between ejaculations.

* Smoking and drinking excessive alcohol will decrease sperm counts

* Stress will decrease counts

* A zinc deficiency reduces counts

* Infections of the prostate gland reduces counts

* Anabolic steroid use drastically reduces counts.

The solution to treat any of the above causes is pretty clear and simple. However, there are some additional tips that will work with the body to help increase the count numbers as well. Again, the first tip will always be to consult your health care provider for any other underlying causes that may be affecting your sperm count.

Tips to improving and increasing the sperm count:

* Have sex and masturbation less often (try to wait three days in between for either)

* Get into a regular exercise program

* Nutritious diets that is low in fat and high in protein, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoiding bitter, astringent and spicy foods.

* Reduce caffeine intake – remember caffeine is not only in coffee but also in soft drinks. It has been proven caffeine harms sperm production.

* Alcohol is the enemy of sperm. It has been proven that it not only reduces count but as well as adversely affecting the sperm itself

* Reduce stress by learning relation techniques like yoga and meditation

* Massages using herbal oils will improve the blood circulation

* Have sex early in the morning when sperm levels are at their highest

* Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Low Sperm Count – How to Correct

Low sperm count is the leading cause of male infertility today. This type of male infertility can be permanent or temporary. Luckily for most men it is just temporary and can be corrected quite easily by making a few lifestyle changes. Before we get into some of the treatments of this disorder, let’s look at some of the causes.

Approximately 10% of all males between the ages of 18 and 50 suffer from this type of infertility. Reduction of sperm count can be caused by emotional and physical stress, insomnia, ill fitting briefs, extreme exposure to heat (hot tubs), smoking, excessive drinking, obesity, cancer treatment, genetics, hormonal problems, illegal drugs, exposure to environmental toxins, certain surgeries and injuries. Medications like tagamet and steroids have also been linked to male infertility by lowing sperm count in men.

Sperm production is a complex issue. It requires the testicles, hypothalamus and the pituitary glands in the brain to all work in unison so that hormones are produced that trigger sperm production. For most men, the only symptom of this disorder is infertility. Other symptoms may include a decrease of facial or body hair or problems with sexual functions.

Doctors know that there is no medication that can increase a man’s sperm or motility, but there are many natural remedies that can. The first thing to consider is lifestyle. As mentioned earlier look at the medications, foods and drinks that you consume, your activities, genetics, past health and well as the clothes you ware.

Natural remedies and supplements have been widely known by medical experts to help with low sperm count and motility. Supplements such as vitamin A, B, C, Zinc, Selenium, Arginine and many others have been found to help with male infertility within 8 to 12 weeks when taken in proper dosages. Make sure that all of these supplements are from natural organic sources and that they are not synthetic. As most of your synthetic supplements are useless. Herbs such as Chinese Panax Ginseng and Sarsaparilla in proper dosages are used to help not only in sperm count and motility, but also with erectile dysfunction.

Sperm Pill Review

What Are the Benefits and What You Should Look Out For

Fertility. A worry for both men and women, especially when they are trying to concieve and nothing is happening. To a man, it might feel as though they are less of a man, and we all know how much men hate going to the doctor, especially for something as humiliating as a low sperm count.

Perhaps that is why men take sperm pills. Now available on the internet with no prescription needed, they are becoming more widely popular and are also more widely available. With today’s hectic schedules, we have very little time for ourselves, let alone each other, and that is well known factor for low sperm count and fertility problems in men.

Sperm pills have been reported not just to improve sperm count, but also to give better orgasms and also bigger, better erections. With promises like this, is is hardly any wonder that more and more men are choosing to use them in the hope they will work. The only problem is, how do you know, when buying from the internet, that the pills you are buying are safe and actually work. There are a lot of websites out there that sell sperm enhancing pills that end up being a complete waste of time and effort.

You need to ensure that you are buying your tablets from a recommended and safe website. These websites will tell you exactly what is in their sperm pills. Generally, they contain completely herbal ingredients that have been tried and tested for many years. Amino acids are one of these ingredients that have been proven to improve libido. It is this and other herbs that have also been proven that provide the basic make up of these sperm enhancing pills, and therefore mean they have been recognised by doctors for doing just that.

Good quality semen contains a lot of sperm, and these sperm pills can help to achieve that. Results noted are thicker semen, improved fertility, orgasms of a much better standard with better erections and “string” ejaculations. They can help to decrease the side effects that certain anti-depressants and other medication can have on the body, and one of these is reduced sex drive and sperm levels.

We all know a healthy sex drive can keep us and our partners happy, and as long as these sperm pills are bought from a reliable source, you may find that they can benefit you greatly. Healthy sex lives have many advantages, including reduced risk of heart attacks in men, and a much happier attitude overall.

As long as you remember to be safe and buy sperm pills from a website that can be trusted, you should be alright. Read the detailed reviews consumer websites that recommend male fertility pills to be sure that they can be trusted. In other word, do your own research and due diligence in order not to be scammed.