Semenax Review – The Good and the Not So Good Side of Semenax

The Semenax website claims that the brand can enhance semen volume by 500%. This truly sounds like an over claim but a Semenax review can not be complete without telling you the good as well as the not-so-good side of the Semenax story. Firstly, the brand is a scientifically researched product, manufactured under cGMP guidelines, though not approved by FDA. The makers of Semenax are known to follow strict manufacturing guidelines which ought to assure you that you would not be ingesting any sub-standard product in the name of improving your sex life. Customer delight is another good side to the Semenax story.

Whatever published experiences that one comes across are full of how wonderfully happy men are and kinds of sexual bliss they are experiencing with their partners after Semenax intervention. Their seminal fluid has increased in volume, it has more mobile sperm count, their libido is at an all time high and their overall sex life is thoroughly enjoyable. When ejaculation volume increases, it not only is pleasurable for the man but for his partner too as it enhances her orgasm too. Increase in seminal volume is another important medical concern for treating male infertility. Increased semen helps a woman to conceive and has better chances of fertilization.

Proper and sustained erection, sexual desire fulfilled by the right kind of moods of both the partners and of course the confidence of being able to eject enormous amounts of semen can boost the man’s confidence in bed. While some men tend to take seminal volume for granted and think there is nothing they can do about if the volume is low, Semenax has perhaps broken this myth, assuring them that something positive can actually be done to increase both sperm quality and quantity. The Semenax ingredients, which work behind the scenes, have been carefully chosen from the usage patterns of several countries where such herbal ingredients have been used for centuries. The other good point about Semenax which ought to get a mention in the Semenax review is that it is very easily available, which adds to user convenience.

Now the not-so-good part of the Semenax story. If you really think hard, would you really need a pill to enhance the sperm volume and quality? Is there anything which you are doing currently which is coming in the way of your producing the right amount of ejaculation? When doctors are recommending multivitamins, increasing water intake and a renewed focus on diet and exercise patterns for correcting seminal volume problems, them isn’t taking Semenax a bit superficial and forced? The point that I am trying to make here is that have you tried all these very easy-to-follow therapy options to improve your sex life and performance in bed?

Remember, a sedentary lifestyle peppered with habits like smoking and alcohol-intake can actually play havoc with your sex life as well as quality and quantity of semen. While this product has not been used to diagnose, treat or cure any ailment, remember taking Semenax without any monitoring could also adversely affect your health as your present age and health condition is characteristic of you as a person. If you are currently suffering from any age-related disorder, it is always better to get a doctor’s view on the ingredients used in Semenax. Though the brand is not approved by FDA, it is also true that thousands have benefited from using the product. But every man is different and so is their sex therapy. Hope this Semenax review has been able to put your thoughts in the right perspective.

Sememax Reviews: Do Semenax Pills Really Work?

It’s a good idea to take a look at Semenax pills when it comes to getting a greater amount of semen produced in the body. Men who use Semenax can get greater volume levels in their semen and even experience better orgasms. These include orgasms that can last longer and involve bigger loads. The effects of what can happen with Semenax are important to find because of how well the product could be used when supporting the body’s ability to ejaculate well.

Useful Ingredients

Part of what gets Semenax to work involves the ingredients it uses. The Semenax ingredients have been determined based on how effective they are with regards to semen production.

Zinc oxide is a critical part of these ingredients, for instance. Zinc oxide is noted for improving testosterone production in the body, thus improving the body’s ability to handle more sperm. The sperm that are produced will also become more mobile.

Some of the Semenax ingredients to find include ingredients made specifically to handle libido levels. Catuaba bark and epimedium sagittatum, or horny goat weed as it is often called, are both capable of improving libido levels while also improving testosterone production.

Arginine and lysine are particularly included here. These are amino acids that are known to improve a man’s fertility levels, thus improving sperm activity. This should help to create the best possible amount of semen that a man could be using.

How it Works

The Semenax results that a man would get will vary by each individual case. However, these results will come from the way how this product works. A great part of a Semenax review involves seeing how it can work with all parts of the male reproductive system in mind.

The supplement is clearly known in Semenax reviews to help with improving the body’s semen production. What’s more about it is the way how it tones the many parts of the penile area. It relaxes the muscles around the area. These include the muscles around the seminal muscles that produce semen and the vas deferens where the sperm is going to go into while traveling into the epididymis where it will wait until the ejaculation can occur.

What Results Are There?

The results of the pills can be very dramatic. People who use Semenax pills tend to get their sperm to work well. This includes more than just getting the body’s sperm count to increase. This also involves making it easier for sperm to be mobile. Also, the density of sperm in the body should be improved to where an appropriate amount of ejaculate can actually be found here.

The results tend to be gradually with the best results coming during the second month of use. For example, a person who has a minimal load might be able to get twice the size of that load or sperm count within two weeks. The volume should be able to double again after about four to six weeks of use. Overall, the product is very effective for anyone.

Common Points

The Semenax testimonials that people might read can vary based on what the users tend to get. However, people who have used the product have experienced several great effects. Some men who have used it have stated in their reports that they have experienced improved ejaculate levels and have even experienced improved streams. They are also shooting farther than usual. There aren’t any issues over dribbles after ejaculation either, thus making things a little cleaner.

There’s also the way how the body continues to work well after a climax. Many men who use Semenax do not experience fatigue after an orgasm. The contractions in the body through the ejaculation process will also be stronger while the body is made to where it will be a little easier for it to handle the function.

In fact, some men who have used this have stated that it has been easier for them to get women pregnant. This is useful considering that a man who isn’t fertile and can’t produce semen will have a hard time with having children.

The Semenax reviews that people see should be considered carefully. These reviews involve many ways how Semenax can work for all sorts of functions. This is a product that can handle any kind of issue that a man might have with ejaculation or semen production.

Semenax Review – An Extensive Analysis of The Ingredients of Semenax Pills

There are many male enhanced products in the market, these manufacturers guarantee the clients, that if the product is used, it will surely increase the volume of semen. However the research and development team that created the Semenax formula, came to the conclusion that size isn’t the only thing that is important.

For achieving optimal sexual performance,a lot has to do with quality of seminal fluid which can contribute to it. Ingredients in Semenax are reflective of this insight since it includes completely natural components, each of which has been tested to ensure its safe and for its efficacy. Since makers of Semenax are backed by a group of dedicated professional with pharmaceutical manufacturing background,you can rest assured that it is not just another pill of male sex enhancement which claims a lot but performs little.

The makers of Semenax have created a formula that not only increases semen volume, it also promotes quality ejaculations that are extremely stimulating to both partners. Certain fertility problems prominent in men, including sperm volume and motility, are addressed by this. Semenax is gradually gaining popularity among its customers as a great product for enhancing sexual health. The question you may be asking yourself is what differentiates Semenax from other male enhancement pills. Semenax includes protein building blocks or amino acids in addition to specific herbs that have been tested for hundreds of years in several nations. Created according to cGMP conditions, the various substance that Semenax contains are:

* Catuaba Bark – People in Brazil have been taking this herb for many years to increase their sexual power. Ingesting this wondrous herb can improve a man’s overall reproductive system and sexual health.

Maca: A well known South American herb used as a remedy for decrease in libido, erectile dysfunction and the absence of sexual energy. It’s a popular product which can take care of “man problems” quickly and easily.

* L-Carnitine- An amino acid that is found in sperm which is healthy. Including this constituent as one of Semenax constituents guarantees increased sperm movement. L-arginine HCl not only doubles sperm count, but the mobility as well. It boost fertility and helps ensure healthy sperm.

The time tested herb “horny goat weed” is known as ‘Epimedium Sagittatum’. This herb is very popular for raising testosterone levels in the body and also increasing libido.

Studies show that the combination of the amino acid L-Lysine with zinc can improve the quality of semen and increase testosterone levels. By adding pumpkin seed to Semenax, its manufacturers are proving how much they understand about improving male sexual health. By using this ingredient, you will be increasing hormone production, as well as improving the health of your prostate.

Zinc oxide is a catalyst for the synthesis of testosterone. This reaction causes an increase in sperm motility of up to 80 percent. This is typically included in prescriptions geared towards penis enlargement.

Although the creators of Semenax attempted to include all the right ingredients,which are supported by singular outstanding track records on how to increase sperm amount,enhance sex drive and pleasure of the user,there still remains the question of it suiting your individual needs. In this case, being safe is much better than taking a risk. Thus, it’s in your best interest, to look at each of Semanax’s ingredients, and to to the many message boards about the topic where prior customers may provide some helpful information about this great item, even though it’s not approved by the food and drug administration.

Created in a medical qualified laboratory with a money back guarantee included, Semenax raises the amount of semen, improves the standard of semen, as well as it generally makes sexual activity better without the dangers or downfalls of scam companies. With the ejaculation enhancer, Semenax, men can experience a better, happier quality of life. Explore height of sexual virility you have never thought possible by trying Semenax,although you don’t have to trust the reviews.

Volume Pills – What Will You Gain From Volume Pills?

Volume pills are tablets that may raise your semen volume, sperm count and control during having intercourse. If you’re a victim of smaller ejaculation then you have came to the right place . Volume pill can work the miracle for you. You have to be dazzled to know that that you are not alone who are having this problem. But having a better sexual life is more critical. Otherwise relations may break.

Reasons to use Volume pill :

– Volume pills are made up totally of herbs and minerals that are extracted through newest technology. The volume pill are fully safe and are prepared with ingredients authorized by FDA. The ingredients used are as fresh as they could get. The fresh ingredients employed in volume pills help you to get instant and effective actions. So there’s no possibility of side effect and you can have them without any risk. Isn’t a strong reason| good reason| sound excuse} to select volume pills?

– Aren’t you sure about your money’s value? Then volume pill are the best for you because if you are not satisfied then you do not need to pay them. Now that sounds excellent, because they will not cheat your cash. So this is definitely a good reason to select volume pills.

– Volume pill are made from totally natural ingredients. There are various herbal things by which these pills are made up with solidin helps to galvanize and lengthen the desire during sex. Drilizen and Hong Hua Fen help to circulate blood smoothly through veins and arteries of male ejaculating organ Trihydroxyflavone and San Guo Mu also assists in doing so. Ling Zhi works as an anti-oxidant a gives a heightened sense of energy. As all these ingredients are totally herbal so there stands no chance to happen any sort of side-effects.

– You can have a better semen volume, more sperm count, better sex staying power, fuller and harder erection, and better ejaculation and so on .

– If you go to any medical shop to buy viagra then you have to show doctor’s prescription but in case of volume pills you don’t need to show any sort of prescriptions. If you are abashed of buying them in any medical store then you can go for web shopping.

Volume Pills Buying Guide

Are you thinking about increasing the quantity of semen you can generate?

Would you like to make the ejaculation process longer?

We have a solution for you: volume pills. They can increase amount of semen; as a result, you will experience longer and stronger ejaculations. How can these pills help you achieve such a great result? They supply your organism with essential mineral substances; once your body has necessary nutrients, it is ready to produce longer and stronger ejaculations and orgasms.

The idea to improve semen amount, its ability, fertility and quality is very popular nowadays. Therefore, you can find a lot of enhancement pills that meet these requirements on the market today. No doubt, you next question will be: How do I find a product of a good quality? The first thing you should pay attention to is ingredients. The pills you choose have to consist of high-quality natural components that are not harmful for your organism. In such case you will not suffer from any side effects while taking volume pills. Moreover, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and length of your ejaculation.

Natural volume enhancement pills can help you ejaculate up to four times more. You will also be able to experience amazing, mind-blowing orgasms. Once again, you should understand that you will not only make your semen amount greater; you will also experience stronger and more enjoyable satisfaction. In addition, you will have stronger and more powerful erections. Your sexual partner will enjoy immensely satisfying orgasms too.

By giving preference to this clinically proven method, you will improve your overall sexual health. Thus, your sexual life will become amazingly satisfying and your body will also become healthier. Please read carefully this volume pills buying guide to make the right decision and enjoy the results. Make sure your male enhancement pills satisfy the following requirements:

1. The product should consist of 100% natural ingredients only.

2. Make sure the product has been tested and clinically proven to work; the results are known and positive. Only those pills that are backed up by medical professionals are safe.

3. You can trust the product if a manufacturer offers a full money-back guarantee in case you are not fully satisfied with the product and its results.

4. You should have an access to real testimonials about this product, which prove the product is effective and people can achieve great results.

5. Manufactures and distributors of your male enhancement pills provide 24/7 customer support service online, by phone or email. It is important that this service is offered by trained health professionals.

6. The best guarantee of the volume pills quality is independent reviews that can be found on specific forums. Independent volume pills discussions can give you a true picture of pills effectiveness. Here you can find any problems you may experience while using this or that product.

To help you choose the best volume pills that will work for you, we created a volume pills forum. Our moderators can answer any question you may have regarding any volume enhancing product. Men using the pills are encouraged to share their experience and the effectiveness of volume pills. This volume pills forum is designed for real men to share their opinions, discuss and compare volume pills. It is not designed for advertising purposes.

Volume Pill Review – Does This Semen and Sperm Enhancer Pill Really Work?

If you have been experiencing a low volume of semen and sperm production, it may be time to look for a natural supplement that can help power up your ejaculation. Is that such a supplement? How does it work? Yes, in fact, there is such a herbal pill – Volume Pill.

Volume Pill is arguably the best semen and sperm enhancer pill to hit the male enhancement market. As its name suggest, this herbal pill can help increase the amount of semen and sperm your body produces for a more intense, more powerful orgasm. But is it really that good? Is it safe for consumption. Read on for more info…

So, what is Volume Pill?

Volume Pill is a semen and sperm enhancing pill that is made up of proven herbal aphrodisiac ingredients. It is a specially blended mix of the best herbs that are proven to aid your sexual functions. For instance, ingredients like Xian Mao, Ling Zhi and Solidilin are proven to help improve semen and sperm production, erectile strength, libido, etc.

Unlike prescription drugs like Viagra, you don’t need a doctor’s approval to consume VolumePills. This is because it is not regulated by the FDA since it is a herbal pill. There are no known negative side effects associated with the consumption of Volume Pills.

Here’s how you can benefit from the Volume Pill:

1. substantial increase in both semen and sperm production
2. better erectile strength
3. higher libido
4. better sex stamina

How does Volume Pill compare with Viagra?

Volume Pill is herbal pill that is able to improve your semen and sperm volume, strengthen your erections, etc. It is not an instant erection pill like Viagra. If harder erections is what you want, then Viagra may be a better choice for you, your health permitting.

But if you are looking for overall sexual benefits like harder erections, higher libido, more semen and sperm production,etc, then Volume Pill is a clear choice for you. What’s more, it does not come with all the dangerous side effects of Viagra.

What if you don’t like the results after using the Volume Pill?

Be assured that Volume Pill contains only FDA approved ingredients. It is totally safe for your consumption. Still, that does not mean that it will definitely work for you. No pill will work for 100% of users. There will always be that minority whose body does not respond to the herbs, for whatever reasons.

In the unlikely event that you don’t like the results you get, you can ask for a refund within 6 months of your purchase date. This is one of the best money back guarantee anywhere. So in fact there is virtually no risks for you to try Volume Pill.


Clearly, Volume Pills will more than meet your expectations. It has a good success rate of close to 95% and this is as good as it will get. Considering that there is a friendly, 6 month money back guarantee offered by the vendor, this pill is definitely worth a buy.

Top Three Natural Tips On Increasing Sperm Motility

Is your sperm condition preventing you and your partner from conceiving? Consider the sperm motility treatment.

A lot of men may not be aware that they could be infertile. For generations, women have been left alone to suffer the problem of infertility. Myths and misconceptions about infertility have brought millions of women in generations long past into thinking that they – and they alone – were responsible for the absence of children in the family.

Well, they thought wrong.

Studies in the recent years prove that men, like women, can also suffer from infertility. There are many factors that can contribute to the infertility in men and some of these are grouped into physical, chemical and biological factors. While old age doesn’t pose much of a threat to men’s infertility, there are stronger causal factors that can take away the fertility status of men such as the unhealthy lifestyle of smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol, exposure to certain chemicals at work or in the area where you live or a biological abnormality that is preventing you from conceiving.

One of the most common causes of male infertility is a low sperm count and motility. To understand this condition better, it is important that you also get a good understanding of what a sperm count and sperm motility is.

There are a lot of men who think that counting their sperm does not hold any connection to the status of their infertility. What they miss to acknowledge is that a high percentage of cases on couples who are unable to conceive is attributed to the low count and motility of the male’s sperm.

A sperm count is referred to as the number of sperm concentration that can be counted or measured. For a healthy male, he should normally have a count of 20 million sperms for every 1 milliliter of semen. Any sperm count that is greater or equal to that is a good sign of fertility and no cause for worry. However, if your sperm count is only 10 million sperms per milliliter of semen or lower than that, then you are at a higher risk of an infertility problem.

Motility, on the other hand is also known as your sperm’s ability to move and swim swiftly towards an awaiting egg and help it become fertilized. The occurrence of sperm meeting the egg is the beginning of conception and pregnancy. Motility is considered as the sperm’s ‘quality’. Therefore, if a sperm has good motility, then it follows that is also of good quality.

Unfortunately for some men, they have poor sperm motility and this can be due to poor diet, abnormal sperm shape, the usage of certain medications and many other factors.

Fortunately though, there are several natural sperm motility increasing methods that you can do to increase your sperm motility. Some of these are:

1. One important and easy sperm motility treatment is being careful with the beverages that you drink. If you love coffee or any drink that has high caffeine content, then it’s about time that you minimize your consumption of these kinds of drink. Alcohol can also have the same effect. Caffeine and alcohol can actually reduce your chances of conceiving by 50 percent. As a kind of natural sperm motility treatment, drink water and other healthy beverages to help increase sperm motility.

2. Eating healthy foods is also an effective way to increase sperm motility. There are a lot of men out there who love to eat fast foods and other unhealthy foods. There are certain foods that can be eaten for the purpose of sperm motility treatment. Examples of these foods include nuts, vegetables, and fruits. These foods are most nutritious when eaten raw so find good ones that your taste buds can tolerate and start a habit by incorporating them into your meals. Now that’s a sperm motility treatment that you can enjoy and experiment.

3. Taking safe and natural supplements are also effective to use for sperm motility treatment. These pills are made to help increase the volume of your semen and motility as well. Other benefits that you get from these supplements are improved fertility, an increase in semen volume and improvement of your sperm motility.

A lot of men are also concerned about fertility like women. You will never know for sure unless you take an infertility test. And when you do, don’t forget to keep in mind some of the suggested sperm motility treatments above to help you solve your problem with motility and fertility for that matter.

Improve Sperm Count Effectively Through Herbal Medicines

Sperm count – An introduction

Sperm count is the measurement of the concentration of sperms in a man’s seminal liquid. This is different from total sperm production which is the sperm count multiplied with volume. A less than normal sperm count is considered a problem. It affects a man’s fertility and his ability to impregnate a woman. Low volume can affect a man’s self-esteem and reduce the pleasure derived from sexual activity.

A lot of factors are taken into account to measure the sperm count of a man such as the length of time between ejaculations, semen sample analysis, how the sample is kept when being transported to the lab. To test the count of sperms, a single sample is considered inadequate, as lot of variation is noticed in sperm production in an individual, even over a few days.

Doctors usually analyse 2-3 samples or even more, each at least two to three weeks apart to test the sperm count in a man’s seminal liquid. Anything over 20 million sperm per millilitre is considered normal and anything less is considered oligospermia (low count of sperms) and is a cause of concern.

Causes of low sperm count

Low sperm count can be caused due to number of biologic and environmental factors. Conditions that may cause low count of sperms include:

  • Stress – Especially in the case of younger men, stress due to work or personal issues can influence the balance of hormones and decrease sperm production
  • Anxiety over sexual performance – Men suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation problems are likely to have low count of sperms due to an anxiety over sexual performance
  • Heat factor – Due to overheating of genitals, a man may experience a lower count of sperms. Overweight men may especially have this problem as the sagging layers of fat can overheat the testicles. Besides jobs that require sitting for long hours may also cause the testicles to get overheated and reduce sperm count
  • Frequent intercourse – If a man ejaculates as much as 2-3 times a day, he is likely to have low count of sperms. It is recommended that a man should wait at least 3 days between each ejaculation to improve fertility
  • Substance abuse – Use of marijuana and cocaine, besides smoking and excessive alcohol intake can lead to low count of sperms

Increase sperm count – Things to follow

Listed below are some natural ways that will not only help increase count of sperms but will also improve the quality of sperms.

  • Clothes – Since overheating of testicles is one of the major reasons of low sperm count, it is recommended that men wear roomy pants, boxers and loose fitting trousers to provide enough room for mobility. Men with low sperms count should also avoid saunas, hot baths and over exposure to sun
  • Remove stress out of life – By de-stressing through relaxation and meditation, men can see a lot of improvement in their sex life and also the quality and quantity of their sperm
  • Improve work style – Sitting all day can increase the testicular temperature and damage your sperms. A good idea would be to take regular breaks and walk for a few minutes
  • Give up addictions – Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption to increase your count of sperms
  • Eat a balanced nutritious diet – Taking low fat, protein rich diet and consuming more fruits and vegetables will improve your sperm quality
  • Reduce weight – In case you are over weight, reduce weight through dieting and exercise. It will make you feel better, improve hormonal balance and increase your semen volume
  • Consult a doctor – Take advice of your doctor on how you can increase your semen volume

Volume Pills to improve sperm count

Volume Pills is unique herbal formula that has the potential to increase the amount of ejaculation by up to 500%. The highly popular medication contains ancient Chinese herbs, minerals and vitamins. It is being increasingly recommended to men who seek to improve count of sperms, increase semen volume or who simply want to enhance sexual pleasure for themselves and their partner.

Since, Volume Pills help to increase the volume of ejaculation a man can also experience stronger and longer lasting orgasm. More doctors are recommending Volume Pills to their patients who want to improve sperm volume to help their wife conceive or to those who lack sex drive and want to improve sexual performance.

Increasing Your Sperm Count

The first step to increasing sperm count is to look at what some of the causes of reduced counts are. Many times the underlying cause can eliminate any need for other measures to be taken.

Some of the most common causes for low sperm count are:

* Ensure with your physician that you do not have a sperm infection

* Tight underwear reduce counts – switch to boxers.

* Long baths in steaming hot water reduce counts.

* Sitting for too long of periods at a time reduce counts.

* Overweight can cause fat layers to form on the testicles reducing the count.

* Too frequent of ejaculations. Try having a three day separation between ejaculations.

* Smoking and drinking excessive alcohol will decrease sperm counts

* Stress will decrease counts

* A zinc deficiency reduces counts

* Infections of the prostate gland reduces counts

* Anabolic steroid use drastically reduces counts.

The solution to treat any of the above causes is pretty clear and simple. However, there are some additional tips that will work with the body to help increase the count numbers as well. Again, the first tip will always be to consult your health care provider for any other underlying causes that may be affecting your sperm count.

Tips to improving and increasing the sperm count:

* Have sex and masturbation less often (try to wait three days in between for either)

* Get into a regular exercise program

* Nutritious diets that is low in fat and high in protein, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoiding bitter, astringent and spicy foods.

* Reduce caffeine intake – remember caffeine is not only in coffee but also in soft drinks. It has been proven caffeine harms sperm production.

* Alcohol is the enemy of sperm. It has been proven that it not only reduces count but as well as adversely affecting the sperm itself

* Reduce stress by learning relation techniques like yoga and meditation

* Massages using herbal oils will improve the blood circulation

* Have sex early in the morning when sperm levels are at their highest

* Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Low Sperm Count – How to Correct

Low sperm count is the leading cause of male infertility today. This type of male infertility can be permanent or temporary. Luckily for most men it is just temporary and can be corrected quite easily by making a few lifestyle changes. Before we get into some of the treatments of this disorder, let’s look at some of the causes.

Approximately 10% of all males between the ages of 18 and 50 suffer from this type of infertility. Reduction of sperm count can be caused by emotional and physical stress, insomnia, ill fitting briefs, extreme exposure to heat (hot tubs), smoking, excessive drinking, obesity, cancer treatment, genetics, hormonal problems, illegal drugs, exposure to environmental toxins, certain surgeries and injuries. Medications like tagamet and steroids have also been linked to male infertility by lowing sperm count in men.

Sperm production is a complex issue. It requires the testicles, hypothalamus and the pituitary glands in the brain to all work in unison so that hormones are produced that trigger sperm production. For most men, the only symptom of this disorder is infertility. Other symptoms may include a decrease of facial or body hair or problems with sexual functions.

Doctors know that there is no medication that can increase a man’s sperm or motility, but there are many natural remedies that can. The first thing to consider is lifestyle. As mentioned earlier look at the medications, foods and drinks that you consume, your activities, genetics, past health and well as the clothes you ware.

Natural remedies and supplements have been widely known by medical experts to help with low sperm count and motility. Supplements such as vitamin A, B, C, Zinc, Selenium, Arginine and many others have been found to help with male infertility within 8 to 12 weeks when taken in proper dosages. Make sure that all of these supplements are from natural organic sources and that they are not synthetic. As most of your synthetic supplements are useless. Herbs such as Chinese Panax Ginseng and Sarsaparilla in proper dosages are used to help not only in sperm count and motility, but also with erectile dysfunction.